New Patient Information

At Oklahoma Retina, we provide complete services for diagnosing eye conditions. Additionally, many of the treatments needed for these conditions are available within our office. If possible, all evaluation and testing will be completed on your initial visit. In some cases, treatment will begin or even be completed during this consultation. Patients should be aware that the initial comprehensive evaluation, with or without treatment, takes anywhere from one to two hours.

New patients must provide a thorough medical history, including all medications, upon arrival. On each visit, a vision test and measurement of the intraocular pressure will be performed, followed by dilation of the eyes. After a wait to allow your pupils to dilate adequately, you will be examined by Dr. Srouji. Additional testing may be performed. It may be possible for these tests to be performed and interpreted during the same visit.

We suggest that you bring someone to drive you home since your eyes will remain dilated for several hours after the examination. Sunglasses may be helpful in reducing discomfort from sunlight, and are available at the front desk when you leave.